Why Selecting the Right Gift is so Important

Gift giving is nothing new and, if you are an average American citizen, chances are you will have to buy multiple gifts for multiple people every single year. The team at Mrs Mitchells Gifts know the importance of picking the perfect gift, so we have compiled the places in this post to show you exactly where you can quickly find items the person you are buying for will absolutely love.

Quick Note – The Importance of Theming

Understanding what your recipient likes is crucial to selecting a great gift. Based on their interests, the places you will go to find a present can vary dramatically. For the purposes of this post, we will only be discussing places to get general ideas (or sites that cater to a wide variety of interests).

Finding Ideas from Scratch

Once you decide what interest you are going to be looking further into for the person you are gifting to, you will need to do a little bit of research into the potential gifts in that category. For example, if the recipient is a drummer, you will want to go check out sites that give ideas specifically for drummers. Similarly, if they are into comics, video games, or other “geeky” things, a place like ThinkGeek would be the site to visit. Below however, we will list a couple great places to check out if you have absolutely no idea whatsoever.


Reddit is a great place to go to find information and, most importantly, get the input from hundreds of other real people. For our purposes, we will be checking out the gifts subreddit, which is perfect for asking questions and getting recommendations from the community.


EpicGifts is a great site that provides hundreds of ideas in an easy-to-read list format. This site is perfect for quickly scanning items and getting ideas based on certain interests (which is how their lists are organized). They are relatively new however, so we recommend using them as a starting point to get a general idea, then doing further research from there. Their site can be found here: http://epicgifts.net/


While many know Amazon as the place to buy everything from gadgets to milk, most do not know that they actually have a feature to help you find gift ideas. The Amazon Gift Finder lets you figure out who you are shopping for buy narrowing down your search from gender, to occasion, and finally to interests. Coupled with their wide selection of products, the gift finding feature makes them an excellent resource for would-be gift givers.

What Really Counts

While nobody likes to receive a gift they don’t really want, it is ultimately the thought that counts. If you cannot find anything, we highly recommend going the DIY route, and making something the recipient will know comes from the heart (which is the whole point anyway!). The below video illustrates this point quite nicely, and we think people could learn a lot from these kids examples.